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Military equipment

The advantages and disadvantages of military equipment, as well as the use, management and technical support, directly affect the process and outcome of the war. Military equipment science is produced in the practical activities of the development, use, management and support of military equipment, and gradually developed and improved with the continuous development of military equipment and the specific application in combat. With the development of social productivity and science and technology, military equipment develops rapidly. Modern military equipment, especially high-tech military equipment, is more technology intensive, the renewal cycle is shortened, the life cycle cost is increased, and the difficulty of management and support is increased. Therefore, the development strategy and construction planning of military equipment must be more scientific and clear, and the use, management and support of military equipment must be more reasonable and effective. Therefore, military equipment science can promote the modernization of national defense and military. It is more and more important to transform, improve the combat effectiveness of the army and win modern technology, especially local wars under high-tech conditions. Military equipment science has a close relationship with other related disciplines of military science. It interacts with each other, promotes each other and develops together. It has different degrees of connection with many disciplines in social science and natural science