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Water proof connecting harness of equipment in ship industry

Sensor connector and waterproof connector are more and more popular for ships.

Connector, connecting harness should be more and more complex and changeable 

in the environment of water equipment

when engineering is used in equipment design and environment application, 

it is more necessary to consider its stability and reliability.

On site experiments are carried out many times to ensure that the 

products can be used in the changeable ocean and the actual operation 

of the hull All kinds of possibilities can produce tests.

With the development and progress of ship and offshore engineering manufacturing technology, ships and offshore platforms have become more and more important

The demand of complex power system is higher and higher.

Maintaining reliability in harsh environments is the biggest challenge for these 

power systems.It is also the biggest weakness at this stage.

This makes customers very concerned about factors such as power 

connection and long working life.

They will stick to a stable solution that optimizes the power system design

Our mission is to support you when you meet your biggest challenges:

more reliable connectivity,

Easier installation and operation, better environmental endurance,

Better environment and operator security as well as stronger support and service capabilities.