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Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial automation and robot sensor connector application, industrial robot and automation are low-cost entrepreneurship majors in the era of intelligent manufacturing. There are three development directions of industrial robot and automation, the first is industrial process control, the second is electrical engineering, and the third is embedded system. The major of industrial robot and automation is based on the major of automation, applying the technology of industrial robot to operate the technology of industrial automation. Jh-com is a professional, electronic connector, circular waterproof connector, sensor connector, industrial automation connector, connecting wire, cable component customization, harness customization, plastic electronic products and assembly design and customization, precision plastic injection mold designer, manufacturer, supplier. At the same time, jh-c provides customers with R & D services for hardware plastic electronic products and components, structural design services for waterproof products, Pro / E 3D design services, CAD design services and prototype manufacturing. Our high-tech experts and engineering team are dedicated to providing connectivity solutions for industrial and consumer goods. Electronic connector products of Junhui Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. include industrial automation sensor connector, medical equipment connecting line connector, USB 2.0 / 3.0 connector, micro USB connector, lightning connector (iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 / 7S data line connector), BNC connector, SMA connector, IPEX, farkra SMB connector, f connector, automobile connector, aviation connector, coaxial connection. Device, line to line connector, line to board connector, board to board connector, etc. The waterproof and dustproof connectors of jh-c include waterproof plug, waterproof socket, underwater connector, deepwater connector, waterproof power plug, waterproof signal connector, led waterproof wire connector, RJ45 waterproof connector, waterproof shell and package components. The waterproof grade of these products is IP66 / IP67 / IP68. Customers can choose the type reasonably according to the actual use environment, or we can provide one-stop solution for waterproof design and manufacturing according to the specific needs of customers. Our industrial automation connectors include M5 / M8 / M12 / M16 / M18 / M23 series circular connectors, with waterproof and dustproof grade up to IP67 / IP68. Jh-c has a specialized R & D department, engineering design department, mold department, hardware department, plastic department, electronic department, which can provide customers with one-stop service for hardware plastic electronic products and components. Jh-c has high-precision and advanced production equipment, lean production process, quality is produced, good inspection is the guarantee of good quality. Jh-c has high-quality human resources and a wide range of supplier resources to meet the needs of customers from mainland China, Asia Pacific region and the world. Shenzhen Junhui Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. has a superior management system. Junhui Xingye technology can provide high-speed, high-quality and cost-effective services to customers all over the world. We are committed to building a long-term, win-win partnership with our customers.