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Led waterproof connector & main application of connecting wire, lighting design and connection control

User LED display screen. It has the characteristics of waterproof and aging resistance, and can be used with high current and high voltage power. It is reliable and stable.

A variety of LED street lights. Two different light colors are prepared for each kind of street lamp to replace 400W and 250W mercury street lamps.

A month ago, LED street lamps with brightness equivalent to 400W mercury street lamps were launched. This street lamp uses the same LED light source and power supply unit as the street lamp (sold separately). However, the light distribution design (lighting mode) and the design of the lamp body are different, and the street lamp is specially optimized. For example, in the light distribution design, street lamps need to ensure the illumination below them, while street lamps need the illumination around them on this basis. Compared with mercury lamp, LED light is difficult to diffuse, so it is more difficult to illuminate the surroundings than to ensure the illumination below.

Ledg-15803w in black and silver.

Ledg-15803w compared with 400W mercury lamp.

Reduce power consumption by about 70%

Ledg-15803w" is a product intended to replace 400W mercury street lamp. The illumination under it is 1.4 times of that of 400W mercury street lamp (30M × 30m, the average plane illumination when the setting height is 4.5m). The luminous flux of the lamp is 10850lm, and the surrounding lighting capacity is the same as that of 400W mercury street lamp. It is said that its brightness can even be used for lighting decoration of commercial facilities and business center buildings. The power consumption of ledg-15803w is only 29% of that of 400W mercury street lamp.