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High temperature and high strength connector, suitable for harsh environment

Aeronautics and Astronautics is a highly integrated modern technology, involving many disciplines, including two major branches of Aeronautics and Astronautics. According to the principle of aircraft lift generation, aircraft can be divided into two categories: lighter than air aircraft and heavier than air aircraft, while spacecraft can be generally divided into unmanned spacecraft and manned spacecraft.

Sounding rocket is a tool used to detect and study the characteristics of atmosphere and to develop and utilize the resources of atmosphere. Unlike the activities of the aircraft near the earth atmosphere and the space where the range of activities of the spacecraft is beyond the atmosphere, the activity "stage" of the sounding rocket is the renovation of the atmosphere (including the dense atmosphere and the thin atmosphere).

The sounding rocket can be divided into: meteorological rocket for detecting atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric density, wind direction, wind speed and other meteorological elements, sampling rocket for collecting solid particles in the atmosphere under specific circumstances, ionospheric sounding rocket for detecting parameters such as ionospheric electron concentration, biological test rocket for adaptability of biology to high altitude flight, engineering test for testing related technologies Test rockets.