零件编号: M12-M15.3*1.0

M12 前锁M15面板防水电源连接器,主要应汽车智能锁传器,物流追踪传感器,具有防水耐油防腐等高品质性能,防水可达IP67/68 稳定可靠,插拔连接器次数可达500次上,可通电源5A 以上。


M12 front lock and M15 panel waterproof power connector are mainly automobile intelligent lock transmitter and logistics tracking sensor, with high-quality performance such as waterproof, oil-resistant and anti-corrosion. The waterproof can reach IP67 / 68, stable and reliable, the number of plug-in and plug-in connectors can reach 500 times, and the power supply can be connected for more than 5A.