M16 3芯大电流电源线16A~20A

零件编号: M16-3C-16A

M16大电流防水连接器主要应于大型工业设备电源线,具体防水耐油,等优点 采用螺纹紧锁,连接稳定可靠性优越,防水等级可达IP67/68.电源线符合UL可用PUR ,具有抗摇摆,耐拆弯等特点。


M16 high current waterproof connector is mainly applied to the power CALBE of large industrial equipment. It has the advantages of water and oil resistance

With thread locking, the connection is stable and reliable, and the waterproof grade can reach IP67 / 68. The power line conforms to UL available pur, and has the characteristics of anti swing, anti bending and so on.