零件编号: M8-HR-TPU

M8高柔性连接线,M8六角螺钉,公母锁紧,电缆长度定制,电线采用PUR材料,胶水也采用PUR材料,具有良好的耐水性 机械性能可以在任何方向上摆动,最多可达千万次的摇摆与折弯


M8 high flexible connecting wire, M8 hexagon screw, male and female locking, cable length is customized, the wire is made of PUR, and the glue is also made of PUR, which has good water resistance

Mechanical properties can swing in any direction up to ten million times. Waterproof up to IP68. The product has good oil resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-aging, and is suitable for harsh application.