M12 T 型多路4出转接头

零件编号: Adapter

现场总线和can总线3路4路分配器有一个输入圆形连接器和三个输出圆形连接器。m8标准系列接口可采用标准圆形防水接头m12接口a码或d码定制。有2台、3台、4台、5台、8台、12台可根据需要定制生产。在工业设备的现场安装过程中,经常需要这种分配器。信号连接、设备间传输,包括电源和应用故障分析连接,JH-COM 连接器技术提供此类专业定制生产服务


Fieldbus and CAN BUS 3-WAY 4-WAY distributor has one input circular connector and three output circular connector. M8 standard series interface can be customized by using standard circular waterproof connector M12 interface A code or D code. It has 2 pos, 3 pos, 4 pos, 5 pos, 8 pos, 12 pos can be customized production according to requirements. In the process of field installation of industrial equipment, this kind of distributor is often needed for more. Signal connection, 

Product Name:CAN BUS 3-way M12 distributor

Rated voltage: 250V AC/DC

Rated current: 4A

Waterproof grade: IP67

Use temperature range: - 40° to + 85 °

Interface Type: A Coding, D Coding

Locking mode: thread locking

Product standard: IEC61076-2-101 or IEC61076-2-104

CAN BUS technology, fieldbus distributor transmission distance can reach more than 1000 meters, no polar arbitrary topology, greatly reducing the construction cost, is an industrial data bus equipment technology in the field of electrical engineering and automation. It mainly solves the digital communication and instrument and control system between industrial equipment field intelligent instruments, controllers, actuators and other field equipment. A fully dispersed, fully digital, intelligent, bidirectional, interconnected, multivariable, multipoint, multistation communication network between control rooms. Simi connection technology is connected point to point by IO mode. According to the collection of various signal lines defined by the national standard and the public channel technology for information transmission among components, it is safe and reliable. It is your best choice.