零件编号: 2B

Personal wireless transmission connector The waterproof connector is a connector that can be applied to a water-bearing environment to ensure the mechanical and electrical properties of the connector can be used normally under a certain water pressure. Th



Metal circular waterproof, push-pull self-locking, divided into metal and plastic, widely used in medical equipment, military, aerospace, stable performance, metal shell resistance to extreme high temperature, cold, shock. The main models are OB OK 1B 1k... etc., with different application power and space selection.

Characteristics, parameters, criteria

Insertion Number 5000 times IEC 60512-5 Test 9A

Temperature range: up to 95% at 60 C, - 55 +200 C

Gas Vibration Resistance 10-2000 HZ, 15g IEC 60512-4 Test for 6D

Impact resistance 100g, 6ms IEC 60512-4 Test 6C

Salt Spray Corrosion Test 144H IEC 60512-6 Test 11F

Protection Level (Interpolation) IP 50 IEC C60529

Environmental experiments 55/175/21 IEC 60068-1