M23 圆形防水连接器/连接线

零件编号: M23-XX-XX

产品通过严格测试标,具有可靠的稳定性,工业自动化伺服电机动力系统信号电源混合控制 主要应用于重型工业设备,工程机械设备,航空航天 The product passes the strict test standard and has reliable stability.


Hybrid control of signal power supply for industrial automation servo motor power system

M23 connector power line 6-core 8-core power plug servo motor plug

M23 connector male/female assembly

Products pass UL certification

Plastic, Metal and Stainless Steel Shell

360 degree shielding, IP 67/IP 68 waterproof grade

Connector Core Number 3-12 Needles Welding wire type, panel type, assembly type

Product Description:

Connector Type M23 Male and Female Head Coding/Product Type


Welding wire type

Product Model


Material information:


IEC 61076-2-101 Ed 3.0

Rubber core