RAST 2.5连接器 ECO-TRONIC刺破压接式连接器

零件编号: RAST 2.5-XX

RAST IDC 连接器直接和间接连接, 使用绝缘刺破技术的线对板和线对线连接。 符合RAST 2.5标准的键控设计, 避免错配。可用于信号和最高4A的低负载电流, 间距为2.5mm和5.0mm。 可用于信号和10A负载电流的RAST 2.5 power连接器,间距为5.0mm


The rast IDC connector is directly and indirectly connected.

Wire to board and wire to wire connections using insulation puncture technology.

Key design in accordance with RAST 2.5,

Avoid mismatches. It can be used for signal and low load current up to 4a.

The spacing is 2.5mm and 5.0mm.

RAST for signal and 10A load current

2.5 power connector, 5.0mm spacing