零件编号: M5-CABLE-XX

M5 圆形防水连接线广范应于无人机,汽车传制动传感器,工业自动化机箱控制系统,具有体积小,连接稳定,线材规格可选用,长度可定制,可在狭小的空间范围应用,采用螺纹紧锁连接,连接稳定.性能可靠.


M5 male plug molded cable is mainly used to connect host and various sensors such as temperature sensor, heat-sensitive sensor, photosensitive sensor, photoelectric sensor, acoustic sensor etc.

The hole place arranges(Comply with the needle direction)


Material and specifications

Coupling Threaded coupling

Shell material Brass nickle plated

Insert material PA66+30%GF

Contact material copper(silver /gold plated)

Termination Soldering

Mating cycle 500

Temperature Range -25℃ ~+85℃

Cable diameter ≤ φ3.3mm


Number of Contacts 3, 4

Rated Voltage 60V

Rated Current 1A

Contact Resistance <5mΩ

Insulation Resistance >100MΩ

Pollution Degree 3

Temperature Range -20℃ to +85℃

Degree of Protection IP67 when mated

Mating Times 100 cycles

Nom Pin φ 0.48±0.03

Wire Gauge 26AWG

Cable Jacket PVC or PUR

Material of Housing Brass Nickel Plated

Material of lnsertion PA66+GF UL94V-0

Material of Contact Male Brass/Female Phosphor Bronze ,Gold Plated