M12 六边形螺丝屏蔽式公母防水连接器

零件编号: M12-PB-MF

M12 屏蔽防水转感器连接器,主要应用工业自动化控制,适合复杂电磁环境中连接应用,可用连接芯数2~12PIN 公母互联防水抗电磁干扰,屏蔽效果屏蔽外部电磁干扰达95%以的屏蔽率.


M12 shielded waterproof transducer connector is mainly used for industrial automation control and is suitable for connection application in complex electromagnetic environment. It can be connected with 2 ~ 12Pin male and female interconnection, waterproof and anti electromagnetic interference. The shielding effect can shield external electromagnetic interference with a shielding rate of more than 95%