M12 PCB连接器前锁PG9

零件编号: M12-PCB-AF

M12 前锁M16/PG9面板防水电源连接器,外壳黑色铝合金,具有成本低,可靠性强,防生锈等特点 主要应汽车智能锁传器,物流追踪传感器,具有防水耐油防腐等高品质性能,防水可达IP67/68 稳定可靠,插拔连接器次数可达500次上,可通电源5A 以上


M12 front lock M16 / PG9 panel waterproof power connector, with black aluminum alloy shell, has the characteristics of low cost, strong reliability and anti rust. It mainly adopts automobile intelligent lock transmitter and logistics tracking sensor, with high-quality performance such as waterproof, oil-resistant and anti-corrosion. It can be waterproof up to IP67 / 68, stable and reliable. The connector can be plugged in and out for 500 times, and the power supply can be connected for more than 5A L