零件编号: M8-A-FM-001

M8 assembled connector is used in customized welding-free field installation lock screw connection of sensor connection harness. It can be divided into two types: one is plastic case without shielding function, the other is with shielding function, which


Product description

M8 follows IEC 61076-2-101 standard

Product characteristics:

Product type: M8 circular connector

Connection body type: parent head

Coding type: A Coding

Plug type: 180 degree straight assembly type

Contact needle/hole number: 3 needles, 4 needles, 5 needles and 6 needles (core)

Connection mode: M8 threaded connection

Material number: M5-F-A-SS-03/M5-F-A-SS-04/M5-F-A-SS-05

Materials and technical methods

Plug-in threaded connection

Brass (Nickel Plating) for Shell Material

Insulator reinforced nylon

Contact material copper (silver/gold plating)

Wiring mode welding

500 times of insertion

Temperature range - 25 ~85 ~

Cable diameter <3.3-5.0 mm

technical parameter

Number of needles 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Rated voltage 60V 30V

Rated current 4A 1.5A

Contact resistance < 5m_

Insulation Resistance > 100M

Pollution Level 3

Temperature range - 20 to + 85

Protection level IP67 when mated

Mechanical life 100 cycles

The diameter of male needle is 1.0+0.03 0.8+0.03

Wire gauge 24AWG 26AWG

Out-of-line PVC of PUR

Shell material Brass Nickel Plated

Core Material PA66+GF UL94V-0

Terminal Material Male Brass/Female Phosphof Bronze, Gold Plated

The hole place arranges (Comply with the needle direction)

额定电流            4A                 1.5A

接触电阻 <5mΩ

绝缘电阻 >100MΩ

污染等级 3

温度范围 -20℃ to +85℃

防护等级 IP67 when mated

机械寿命 100 cycles

公针直径φ        1.0±0.03            0.8±0.03

线规                24AWG              26AWG

线外被 PVC of PUR

外壳材料 Brass Nickel Plated

胶芯材料 PA66+GF UL94V-0

端子材料 Male Brass/Female Phosphof Bronze ,Gold Plated

The hole place arranges(Comply with the needle direction)